Waste Disposal

To reduce waste and to protect the precious timber resources of the earth, LHT has established the Singapore's first wood waste recycling plant that produces high quality products that are consistent in color, texture and high density. The products are therefore ideal for furniture, building material and heavy-duty industrial usage. The constitute wood is known as Greenflo Technical Wood.

In providing a solution to the waste wood disposal problem for other companies, LHT hopes to make a contribution to the industry and the society, as waste dumps are costly, especially in land-scarce Singapore. Companies need first to obtain prior approval from NEA (National Environment Agency) on the intended disposal before we can proceed with the necessary procedures to collect and process the waste wood.

Our Recycle Team collects the waste wood, unwanted wooden cases, pallets and construction wood, and fabricates them into packaging components, building materials, and furniture component at our recycling wood waste plant.

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